About us


Black and Grey Attorneys was founded to provide timely legal service to businesses and start ups. While predominantly a Commercial oriented practise, Black & Grey Attorneys is also immersed in other spheres of legal practise. The firm was established in 2016 by a crop of young, audacious and resourceful professionals seeking to provide aggressive legal representation with the highest standards of quality and integrity. The firm has provided solution and direction to myriads of private and public institutions, as well as investors, both local and foreign in diverse economic endeavours on matters ranging from oil and gas, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Insolvency, Real Estate, Immigration e.t.c

about us

We believe that the best way to help clients is to work as partners

We do not see ourselves as just service providers but a partner to your business. Black & Grey has evolved given its commitment to uphold INTEGRITY and ACCOUNTABILITY. We focus on our client’s business objectives and design legal solutions tailored to suit the peculiar needs of each client.

We have created a unique environment where meticulousness and paying attention to details is top notch. Hence, nothing is taken for granted. Thus, ultimately giving our clients the highest possible level of professional and personal service. You have a company to run, let us handle the rest.

We are trusted by several businesses

Our team excels at helping businesses and start ups grow and sustain themselves by being in charge of legal matters.
We write the documents and contracts your business needs to run smoothly and protect your interests.

Team Members

Temidayo Atobajaye


Temidayo Atobajaye is the principal partner of the firm. She was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2013 and has since then been focused on helping businesses of all sizes grow and sustain themselves by providing requisite legal services.

She worked as the head of corporate unit for years thus gained vast experience and competence in Corporate Commercial Law, Capital Market, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Risk Management e.t.c.

Temidayo has attended several training courses and seminars on Oil & Gas Law, Banking, Capital Market e.t.c. She holds a Masters Degree in Law and also holds an Associate Mediator and Arbitrator Certificate.

Temidayo is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate as a solicitor in the Nigerian Capital Market and she is also a member of  the Chartered Institute of Arbitrator (U.K).

Christian Kolawole Love


Christian Kolawole Love is a lawyer by profession and nation builder by design. In 1997, Christian gained clarity on his role in “The New Nigeria”. Since then, the pursuit of this reality has become his consuming passion.  He is fully persuaded that one of four people connected to him -mentor, friend, mentee or mate – will serve the nation at the highest office. He is an incurable optimist regarding the future of this nation.

Christian has served several individuals and organizations in the last 19 years. He has worked directly and indirectly with several opinion leaders and shapers of the “The New Nigeria” narrative platforms. He has laboured behind the scene with those at the forefront of promoting good governance with their thoughts, talents, trainings, time, treasure and tireless energy

Christian is the Co-founder of TAGG (Those Accelerating Good Governance) where strategies, solutions, systems and structures required for predictable and irreversible progress are being curated. He is also a Partner in Black & Grey Attorneys. Through what he fondly calls “Human Responsibility Pragmatist”, he has facilitated more than 656 pro bono cases and still counting for the most vulnerable across the nation.

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